Quentin Flores

Quentin Flores is a Real Estate Investor based out of San Antonio, Texas. He is the Co-Founder of Infinity Cash Offer, a nationwide real estate investment firm which closes over twenty deals per month. He is also the founder of Wholesaling Houses: Ground Zero, a platform created to provide any and every one with the free education needed to get started in their wholesaling business. Quentin was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to San Antonio at a young age.

He found entrepreneurialism by hustling in the streets and quickly making a name for himself. In 2012, after serving a year in prison, Quentin discovered he had a passion for Real Estate and began working to establish his career. Eight years later, he is now one of the most influential and successful real estate investors of the 21st century. Quentin owes his success to God and his amazing team at Infinity Cash Offer. His selflessness in the business and his willingness to give is what separates Quentin from many others in the industry.

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