Kris The Shark

Kristopher Gomez, is a 34-year-old entrepreneur from Riverside, California. Kris got his nickname “the shark“ early in his career when he became the nation’s top producing salesman in the telemarketing industry and has since moved on to train and develop multiple top producers and successful salespeople in the real estate industry. Currently, Kris now owns multiple businesses and has made a name for himself. He is a top producer in the wholesale space and has built a successful real estate business in record time in the toughest market in the US (Southern California). Kris specializes in working with people hands-on and enjoys training individuals to grow their businesses and hit their goals.

Meet My New Direct Marketing Company

“Every now and then you discover a company that blows you away and you just want to share it. REIprintmail is one of those companies. Their library of “exclusive” mailers and their texting and personal calling tools are some of the most effective products in the REI industry. Want to learn more, click on the link below and register. My personal Direct Marketing Coach will reach out, answer any questions you have and help design an effective campaign built around your budget”!