Welcome to REIPrintMail

The Official Marketing Partner Of Main Street Academy

Welcome to REIPrintMail

The Official Marketing Partner Of Main Street Academy

We're the Leader in Direct Mail Marketing for Investors Offering 100% FREE Coaching and Market-Specific Advice to Consistently Get You More Deals!

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Benefits of Direct Mail Lead Generation

Generates "Inbound" Leads

Unlike other forms of marketing such as cold-calling, direct mail results in motivated prospects calling you about your offer that they saw and are interested in.

Easy to "Scale-Up"

Once you understand the variables within your market, there is a simple path to scale-up your marketing and ultimately your revenue and/or quantity of deals.

Predictable & Effective

What separates direct mail from other marketing channels available to investors is the sustainable long-term track record of success within our industry.

5 Reasons You Should Book a Call Today

(even if you're not sold on direct mail marketing)

  1. Learn about the opportunities and challenges we've encountered in your specific market(s) and our tactics to navigate them.
  2. Learn what list types and data sources have worked the best in your market(s).
  3. Learn how our clients use direct mail in conjunction with their other marketing (calls, texts, RVMs, SEO, PPC, etc)..
  4. Get an overview of direct mail marketing and specifically the cost of an effective direct mail campaign in your chosen market(s).
  5. To learn the common mistakes that kill response-rates on all marketing channels.

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