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REIComplete is the most trusted and established provider of managed services for real estate investors, with over 17 years of experience helping investors grow their businesses.

REIComplete is a simple and affordable solution for investors needing more leads and a VA team to scale up their businesses. REIComplete offers investors a “complete” backend team for; lead generation, lead management, CRM management, multi-channel (phone, text, email) follow-up, and appointment setting.

Beyond offering investors much-needed help on their backend lead management, subscribers can utilize our Professional Direct Mail Marketing team and their exclusive mailers, lists, and campaigns. Our Professional Direct Mail Team consistently achieves some of the highest response rates in our industry, which gives you a significant edge starting with your first campaign!

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Effective Marketing and Follow-up is a full-time job…

but it doesn’t need to be your job.

Get it ALL for the Cost of a Part-time Employee!

Supercharge Your Lead Flow with a
Data-Driven Team of Marketing Experts!

Our Expert Team Will Guide You On:

  • Establishing goals and specific campaign targets
  • Market-Specific Advice to Get the Best Results
  • Recommended Budget for Your Goals & Market(s)
  • Professional Campaign Planning & Lead Projections
  • Best Practices (the dos and don’ts of direct mail)
  • Advanced Tips & Tricks (you want these “golden nuggets”!)
  • Market Selection (use research & data to find the best market)
  • Plus much more!

Our Historical Tracking Offers You:

  • Precise Past Performance Data for Campaign Projections/Forecasts
  • Real-world Insights about Your Market(s)
  • The Ability to Minimize Marketing Risk While Maximizing your Response Rates.

Why Use Our Proprietary Campaigns?

Our professional direct mail marketing team offers you a scientific and data-driven approach to determine quantities required to get a deal in your market for every mailing. After 17 years and tens of millions of mailers sent, we have a wealth of performance data and more than a few tricks to get you deals!

Many investors seek REIComplete specifically to access these industry-leading lead generation campaigns and our insanely high response rates.

We ensure you benefit from our proprietary campaigns by limiting these unique campaigns to only one subscriber per market. (No competition allowed!)

Looking for a Better R.O.I. on Your Marketing Spend?

We help in two ways…

Marketing Optimization

The best way to reduce your marketing expenses is to test your marketing extensively, track all results, and tweak your marketing to ensure the highest response rate per campaign.  Since we’ve been running REI direct mail campaigns for 17+ years, we can get you optimal results from day one!

Systematic Follow Up

The easiest way to increase your ROI. is to capture more deals from your existing lead flow. This is done by having a relentless approach to following up with your leads; which is exactly why your VA reaches out to all prospects from your campaigns until contact is made or the property is sold.

Focus on Closing More Deals…

Not Finding or Chasing Down Leads!

The goal of REIComplete is to simplify your business; we believe you should focus on closing warm prospects and have a team handle everything else to grow your business!

 Since most investors have similar (often identical) needs, we created a simple plug-and-play solution to fill that need, available in three variations with different services to meet your specific requirements.

Never before has there been such a quick, simple, and affordable solution for
investors to scale up their business!

3 Subscriptions
With 1 Mission:

To Get You Deals!

Which Subscription is Right for Me?

If you’re looking for managed lead generation and backend lead management, you want to consider Complete Pro or Complete Pro (Lite).

If you are already marketing outside of REIComplete, but want the advantages of our teams for lead management, processing, and appointment setting, then Complete Advanced is the subscription for you.

(with no long-term contracts)

The 4 Managed Services of REIComplete

(and what’s included)


Managed Lead Generation

About: The first step of growing your business with REIComplete is generating significant quantities of quality leads. With our Direct Mail Team’s 17+ years of experience, knowledge, and intel, we can deliver results that radically transform our client’s businesses.

With a professional team on your side, you’ll be able to minimize your marketing risks and maximize your response rates (more leads & deals for you!).

Included With:

  • Complete Pro
  • Complete Pro (Lite)
  • Complete Advanced

Highlights of What’s Included:

  • A professional direct mail marketing team with 17+ years of experience
  • Exclusive access to REIComplete’s proprietary lists and mailers
  • Data-driven campaign planning and projections based on historical data
  • Campaign Exclusivity (campaigns limited to 1 subscriber per market)
  • Complete mail list management. (updates, duplicates, and removals)
  • Auto Lead Prioritization (enhanced list stacking)
  • Routine campaign reviews and campaign optimization meetings
  • Unlimited expert guidance from our marketing and success teams

CRM + Full

About: Get our cutting edge CRM, along with a fully-trained team to organize, prioritize, and follow up with your leads. Our team completely builds out powerful marketing sequences and actively manages the day-to-day needs of your CRM.

Simply put, you get the luxury of a meticulously maintained CRM and prospect database without any day-to-day “grunt” work or maintenance.

Included With:

  • Complete Pro
  • Complete Pro (Lite)
  • Complete Advanced

Highlights of What’s Included:

  • A VA team to screen, manage, and disposition inbound leads
  • A full CRM subscription (a $300/month value)
  • Actively managed & automated follow-up (SMS, email, RVM)
  • Complete task management (both automated and manual)
  • Local call tracking numbers for auto-dialer and SMS blasts.
  • Integrated calendar for appointment setting.
  • Email & SMS “Buyer Blasts” for your buyer network.

Our CRM’s Integrated Tools Save You $344+ a Month!

CallRail ($45/month) | CallTools ($199/month)
  SlyBroadcast ($100/month)


Lead Processing
(VA Team)

About: To scale up you need more leads and a way to prioritize your best opportunities. Our lead processors screen, qualify, and label the motivation level of your leads. This way, your best leads get prioritized and your “dead” leads get removed from follow-up sequences.

To summarize, our team manages all inbound leads, which enables you to spend your time where it matters; closing hot leads!

Included With:

  • Complete Pro
  • Complete Pro (Lite)
  • Complete Advanced

Highlights of Processors’ Role:

  • Screen and review inbound texts and voicemail messages
  • Update contact and property information as needed
  • Identify and label motivation level (hot/cold)
  • Review and revise voicemail transcriptions within CRM
  • Identify and purge “dead” leads from follow-up efforts
  • Assign tasks and trigger automation for “hot” leads
  • Trigger follow-up marketing (calls, texts, direct mail, and more)

Outbound Calling
(VA Team)

About: In REI, the fortunes are in the follow-up, which is what our call team is all about. Our ironclad systems of follow-up ensure as many deals are captured as possible from each and every campaign, which reduces marketing expense while getting more deals!

With a dedicated and disciplined call team to work your leads, you can close more deals without ever chasing or dealing with “difficult” prospects ever again!

Included With:

  • Complete Pro
  • Complete Pro (Lite)
  • Complete Advanced

Highlights of What’s Included:

  • A VA call team to screen, disposition, and book appointments
  • Outbound calling from your CRM’s auto-dialer with local numbers
  • Follow up on assigned tasks (from CRM and/or lead processing team)
  • Outbound appointment setting (“soft” or scheduled appointments)
  • Outreach calls to “missed” leads and hang-ups
  • Daily outbound calling to your warm leads
  • Prospect screening and basic “fact-finding” questions for CRM records

We call all prospects dozens of times over months, because we know that most deals come from the 5th to 12th follow-up attempt.


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