Meet Damien Parrish, the founder, and principal of The Parrish Group, a real estate group based in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Damien first got his start in the real estate industry as a realtor back in 2009, and he eventually became one of the top-producing agents in Northern Colorado. He later shifted his strategy to real estate investing, which he does alongside his wife of 15 years, Lindsey Parrish. Together, they’ve completed numerous fix-and-flip projects and have been growing their buy-and-hold rental portfolio.

As an experienced real estate entrepreneur, Damien knew they needed to focus on consistency to scale their business and have more consistent leads coming in. Consistency was something that Damien, like almost every real estate investor, had always struggled with. And he knew that to take their business to the next level, they needed to find a solution. That’s when they came across REIComplete.

REIComplete offers full-service marketing and lead generation teams, technologies, and systems, all for the cost of a part-time employee. While Damien was initially hesitant, after doing some research and reading reviews from other members, he decided to give our services a try in early 2019, and he’s been a member ever since.

We recently asked Damien if we could feature him in a REIComplete Member Case Study, and he was more than happy to oblige. So keep reading to learn more about Damien’s experience as a REIComplete member and some of the valuable wisdom he’s learned from over a decade in the real estate industry.

How Damien Got Into Real Estate Investing

When Damien was a teen, his great-uncle Danny spoke about investing and how well renting properties had always worked for him. This idea stayed with Damien throughout his life. So when he read Rich Dad Poor Dad more than a decade later, he decided it was finally time to start building his career in real estate. 

Since Damien needed to get started somewhere to earn enough to finance his first investment property, he chose the traditional route and got his real estate license in 2009. He soon realized he had a knack for buying and selling homes for other people, and he quickly became a top-producing retail real estate agent.

Damien was a successful realtor, but his goal was always to become a real estate investor. So when the opportunity presented itself in 2019 to become more of a hybrid real estate agent/investor, he took it.

Today, Damien is the founder and principal of The Parrish Group, where alongside his wife and team, they focus primarily on fix-and-flip projects and buy-and-hold rentals in Northern Colorado.

The Challenge: Scaling the Business with CONSISTENT Lead Generation & Marketing

Since starting his real estate business, Damien has built a team of like-minded individuals who share his vision for success. Together, they’ve completed numerous fix-and-flip projects as well as buy-and-hold rentals. But when we asked Damien about the most significant challenge he’s faced so far in his business, he didn’t hesitate to point to his biggest hurdle: consistency. 

Years of experience in the traditional real estate industry taught Damien the importance of consistency. He even wrote it down on his whiteboard to remind himself every day. And since Damien had experience marketing to sellers, he also knew that direct mail marketing would be the most effective strategy they could employ to find the best off-market deals if they could do it consistently. So he took the time to learn everything he could about running successful direct mail campaigns.

The problem was that neither Damien nor his wife had the time to send out direct mailers consistently since they were doing everything themselves at first. This included maintaining mailing lists, writing letters, stuffing envelopes, etc. 

Although their efforts were successful in generating leads, the process was time-consuming. Consistency was also challenging because they would land a deal, which took up more time and left less time to work on their other leads or do their next mailing.

Damien knew that their business would be in for a constant rollercoaster ride if they didn’t find an effective solution to this problem quickly. So he began researching solutions online, and that’s when he came across REIComplete and decided to give us a try.

The Solution: Full-Service Marketing and Lead Generation from REIComplete

Since signing up for our services in early 2019, Damien has had nothing but positive things to say about REIComplete. And he has referred several other real estate investors to us as well.

Our team handles all of the direct mail marketing for Damien and The Parrish Group. This includes maintaining their mailing lists, designing and managing their direct mail campaigns, inbound call answering and lead qualifying, following up with all their leads so no seller gets left behind, and more. 

Now Damien and his team no longer have to worry about the time-consuming tasks associated with marketing and lead management, which has freed them up to focus on what they do best: closing bigger and better deals and growing their business.

The Results: More Money & More Time

Since signing on with REIComplete in 2019, Damien and his team have increased the number of fix-and-flip projects and buy-and-hold rentals. They currently turn 10 to 12 properties each year and have a rental portfolio that includes seven rental units, with plans to add more in the coming year.

“Being a realtor for so long, you try all these lead generation services, and they promise you the moon. But at the end of the day, most of them don’t deliver. I would say 80% of them don’t. That was my big hesitation in trying your services out. Are these people going to deliver what they say they will deliver? Three years later, I’m still with you guys. So I can say, yes, REIComplete definitely delivered!”

The Complete Solution For Real Estate Investors

If you’re looking for a solution to help you achieve the level of consistency needed to scale your real estate investing business successfully, then we invite you to learn more about our services. We offer a done-for-you solution that takes care of the time-consuming tasks associated with marketing and lead generation, so you can focus on what you do best: closing deals and growing your business.

Schedule your complimentary discovery call with us today to discover how REIComplete can help you scale your business.