Meet Paul Quinn, founder of Homebuyers of Virginia. As a seasoned real estate investor, Quinn and his team have purchased more than 550 homes over the past decade. 

Quinn has been a REIComplete Done-For-You Services member for the past two years. And in today’s member case study, we’ll be sharing more about his experience with us, some of the challenges he’s faced in growing and scaling his real estate business, and how he’s overcome them. 

Choosing Real Estate Investing

Quinn decided to invest in real estate with two key goals in mind: providing his family with financial independence, which includes time freedom and having the ability to pay it forward by investing not only in homes but also in other people.

Here’s what Quinn had to share about his “why” for real estate investing: 

“I’m driven by two things. First is the desire to create financial freedom for my family, which I ultimately measure in my ability to create freedom of time (not necessarily to “not work,” but to focus on the things I think I’m good at and enjoy doing). Second, the desire to invest in other people and to help them succeed in business and in life.” —Paul Quinn, Homebuyers of Virginia.

Overcoming Growing Pains

To succeed in real estate investing, investors often have to overcome a steep learning curve as they learn to scale many of the common traps that frequently stunt their business growth. And Quinn’s business wasn’t without its growing pains over the years. 

Early successes led Quinn to scale his business too quickly rather than focus on long-term growth. However, Quinn promptly adapted and learned to distinguish between what was necessary and what wasn’t and made sacrifices to ensure the future health of his budding business. 

Here’s what Quinn had to say about the early challenges he and his team had to overcome in growing Homebuyers of Virginia: 

“We’ve experienced growing pains over the years, scaling up too quickly and learning how to right-size the business. Adjusting to a long view on the business and making near-term sacrifices to ensure the health of the business well into the future is how we overcame those hurdles and has become much of my focus.”

Becoming An REIComplete Done-For-You Services Member

Before Quinn partnered with REIComplete in June of 2020, he was not without doubts. 

Quinn understood that an investment is only as good as its ROI, so he and his colleagues were primarily concerned with whether our Done-For-You-Services would genuinely produce results. Here’s what he had to say about this: 

“Our chief concern was “would it actually produce results?” We spoke with other members and heard of their success, and we’ve since proven for ourselves that it produces.” 

Quinn, who values his time freedom, was aware of the power of automation and delegating. And after speaking with other REIComplete members and hearing their success stories, Quinn and his team decided to try our Done-For-You Services and haven’t looked back since. 

Paul Quinn’s business, Homebuyers of Virginia, has purchased 104 homes in the two years since using our Done-For-You-Services, 13 of which have resulted from direct mail campaigns.

What Quinn Loves About REIComplete’s Done-For-You Solution

Quinn appreciates that REIComplete’s Done-For-You-Services system is “truly done for you.” 

Automating lead generation has allowed Quinn and his team to focus on developing other aspects of their business. 

Quinn also lauded the responsiveness of our team across all platforms in providing solutions. It gives Quinn peace of mind that our team wants him to succeed and is always there to ensure that things run smoothly and effectively. 

“Their system is truly “done-for-you”. It has allowed us to focus our efforts on developing other programs knowing that these were working for us constantly with very limited time required.” —Paul Quinn shares his experience using REIComplete for his business, Homebuyers of Virginia. 

Would Quinn Refer His Friends To REIComplete?

We reached out to Quinn directly to ask whether he would refer his friends and family to REIComplete following his two-year experience as a member. After a firm “yes,” he added:  

“The team across all platforms is very responsive to questions and easy to work with.”

We also asked Quinn if he had any recommendations for real estate investors who are considering becoming REIComplete Done-For-You Service Members, and here’s what he had to say: 

“As with anything in marketing, I’d suggest they measure the results and have a clear system for working the leads. But I believe if they do both of those things, they will find REIComplete to be a valuable partner.” 

We want to send a special thank you to Quinn for letting us put him in the spotlight and for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his member experience. 

About REIComplete’s Complete Done-For-You System

Working real estate investing leads involves a lot of tedious tasks, which we can efficiently eliminate so you can focus on what’s most important for your company: negotiating and closing deals with sellers! REIComplete is a fully managed marketing and lead-generating service that comes with all the tools, resources, and virtual assistants (VA) employees required to identify, process, and qualify seller leads. 

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