Meet North Carolina residents Dustin Hoffman and Hannah Ritch, who began their real estate investing careers seven years ago. They, like many novice investors, kept their day jobs while establishing their real estate investing company on the side. 

For their first five years, Dustin and Hannah were able to close two deals a year on average, which provided them with a decent source of extra income. But they wanted more than just decent. They wanted to build a business that would enable them to live the life they’ve always wanted. And they knew that to do this, they’d need a little extra help. 

In today’s member spotlight, we’ll share how this couple utilized REIComplete’s Done-For-You Services to quit their full-time jobs and scale their real estate investing business from 2 deals a year to 23 deals in their first seven months as members with us. 

The Problem: Inconsistent Marketing

Dustin and Hannah were able to recognize the obvious issue that prevented their real estate business from expanding beyond two deals a year after attending a well-known Mastermind group for real estate investors. The problem was that they were inconsistent in marketing.

“Marketing is very meticulous. Before, we would focus everything on a flip and not be able to market consistently. But marketing was the lifeline to our business. If you cut that off, our business stops. So, we were basically cutting ourselves off at the knees before we could even start walking.” Hannah shared during their interview.

After realizing their issue involved a lack of consistency in their marketing and follow-up, Dustin and Hannah knew they needed to find a solution. With their full-time jobs, they didn’t have the spare time to invest in regular marketing. So, they decided to check out our Done-For-You Services since they received numerous recommendations for us from their other mastermind participants.

Overcoming The Money & Trust Obstacles

After booking a discovery call with us to learn more about our Done-For-You Services, Dustin and Hannah had to overcome two significant obstacles that kept them from signing up that day. 

The first was money. They had little extra money to rely on because they were only flipping two houses a year. And the second was trust. They had to have faith that our services would be as effective as we said they were, and that they’d get a positive ROI for their investment.

To overcome the money obstacle, the couple sold one of their trucks so that they’d have more cash upfront to invest in a solution for their business. Here’s what Dustin had to share about this: 

“If you don’t have the resources to make it happen, you have to figure out how to make it happen somehow. So, we sold an old truck.” 

When it came to trusting that our services would work for them, the recommendations they received from multiple successful real estate investors they trusted in their Mastermind group were enough to help them overcome the trust obstacle. 

In addition, the high-level coaching that Dustin and Hannah had received through their Mastermind group, had taught them that marketing was an investment, which further helped them see the value of our services. Here’s what Hannah had to say about this: 

“We worked very simple jobs and had to reprogram our minds to not think of this as a spend, because this is an investment. A spend doesn’t feel good. But if I shift this to say that this is an investment that’s going to pay for a team that’s going to be consistent, that’s a win.” 

Dustin and Hannah became REIComplete Done-For-You Service Members with us in 2019 and haven’t looked back since. 

A New (Positive) Problem To Conquer Thanks To Our Services

It didn’t take long for our Done-For-You Services to change Dustin and Hannah’s business. After completing the setup and onboarding process during their first month with us, the couple anticipated seeing qualified leads gradually stream in. But things didn’t go like that. 

Instead, qualified seller leads were arriving left and right, having already been screened by our phone team and waiting for appointments with Dustin and Hannah. 

This rapid increase in motivated seller leads created a brand-new issue for the couple because they were receiving so many leads that they were unable to handle them all. This was a fantastic problem for them to have given their desire to grow from a part-time hobby to a full-time business.  But it also forced them to take more risks. 

During a strategy call with one of our REIComplete Member Success Coaches, Hannah was challenged to quit her job and go after their business full-time. This challenge led the couple to make a bold decision that changed their business dramatically. Here’s what Hannah shared on it: 

“During one of our member success calls, they challenged me to quit my job. That was very intimidating at the time. But that’s what enabled us to really accelerate our growth. I quit in August, and September was our biggest month! Then Dustin got to quit in October!” 

How Our Services Changed Their Business

According to Dustin and Hannah, REIComplete’s Done-For-You Services changed their business in multiple positive ways. They broke down their before and after experience for us, and here’s what it looked like: 

Before Becoming REIComplete Done-For-You Service Members: 

  • Dustin and Hannah spent 5 years investing in real estate as a hobby.
  • Both worked full-time jobs and did their own marketing and follow-ups.
  • They closed 2 deals a year on average, making about $70k during their best year. 
  • They flipped houses and had no rentals and no wholesale deals. 
  • Consistency in marketing was keeping them from scaling their business. 

After Becoming REIComplete Done-For-You Service Members: 

  • Hannah was able to quit her job after 1 month, and Dustin quit his job after 3 months. 
  • They closed 23 deals in their first 7 months with REIComplete. 
  • Made more than $120k in a single quarter with us. 
  • Added wholesaling and rentals to their real estate investing strategy. 
  • They have multiple rental units that are generating passive income for them today. 
  • Their income in just 3 months of investing full-time surpassed the combination of both of their annual salaries at their old jobs! 

We asked Dustin and Hannah what they think of the results they’ve experienced since signing on to our Done-For-You Services, and here’s what Dustin shared: 

“This has allowed us to step our game up infinitely!” 

Hannah agreed and then added: 

“Y’all are the lifeline of our business right now. We greatly, greatly appreciate you all.” 

Are These Typical Results For Done-For-You Members?

Dustin and Hannah were able to achieve outstanding results using our Done-For-You Services to grow their real estate business. But they were willing to take big risks, like quitting their jobs and going after their dream full-time, so they could go on more appointments and close deals. 

With that said, depending on how much work each real estate investor is prepared to put in, results using our Done-For-You Services can vary substantially. There isn’t an easy button for making six and seven figures in real estate investing, which is a sad reality. But our Done-For-You Services can help real estate investors jump the line if they’re willing to put in the hard work that it takes to close on the motivated sellers we deliver to them. 

Dustin and Hannah Share Advice For Future Members

We asked Dustin and Hannah if they had any advice they’d like to share with prospective REIComplete members and real estate investors. Here’s what they had to share: 

“You’ve got to take action. You have to make those decisions. You could sit stagnant and possibly have a comfortable life. Or you could have a great life. You can do something, or you could do nothing. Those are the choices you have to make. 

Y’all told us that y’all were going to make sure all of our marketing and follow-up gets done and that you’re only going to send us the best leads so we can just make the appointment and close deals. We trusted that y’all were going to do that, and y’all did exactly that! In trusting people, a lot of times you get burned, but this isn’t one of those times. 

We always try to sing y’alls praises because y’all changed our life. And if we can help somebody find that same outcome, that’s awesome.” 

—Dustin Hoffman and Hannah Ritch from D.L. Hoffman Homes 

(REIComplete Done-For-You Service Members Since 2019) 

Ready To Learn More About Our Done-For-You Services?

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