Meet Parker Stiles, founder of Barrington Home Buyers and a 3-year client of ours at REIPrintMail. Parker started investing in real estate eight years ago and has grown his real estate investing company to more than 17 team members. His team includes acquisitions agents with their boots on the ground across four markets: Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas of Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina.

As the owner and CEO of a successful real estate investing business, Parker understands that diversifying his portfolio is the best way to maximize his return from his real estate investments. He does this by employing a wide range of REI strategies, including virtual wholesaling, rehabbing, rentals, and hard money lending.

Parker’s Marketing Solution Of Choice

Over the years, Parker has employed multiple marketing strategies to grow his business’s deal flow. However, he has found direct mail to be one of the most effective methods for repeatedly reaching motivated sellers. In the past, Parker has worked with different mail houses to manage his direct mail campaigns but found the service often lacking. After hearing about REIPrintMail through one of his Mastermind groups, he switched, hoping to find a better service.

REIPrintMail is a direct marketing company specializing in data-driven direct mail campaigns, advanced mailing lists, and a full range of marketing solutions, including done-for-you services. Our service is one of the key differentiators in the industry since every REIPrintMail member receives unlimited free coaching with their dedicated Direct Marketing Coach.

When we asked Parker to tell us what he likes best about REIPrintMail, he said:

“Hands down, REIPrintMail has great service, great recommendations, and great mail pieces. Corey Meeker is our Direct Marketing Coach, and he’s a great marketer. He’s offered amazing advice on mailing lists, skip-tracing, and campaign strategy over the years.”  

Parker also shared that he enjoys the convenience of having an expert direct marketing coach at REIPrintMail handle his entire direct mail campaign from start to finish.

As Parker’s Direct Marketing Coach at REIPrintMail, Corey Meeker works closely with Parker to find the best mailing lists for his target audience, skip-trace those lists to make sure he’s only sending mail to active addresses, and come up with effective campaign strategies that give Parker the best return on his marketing investment. And because Corey has access to a massive amount of real-time data from REIPrintMail’s campaigns in thousands of U.S. markets, he can help Parker choose the mail pieces that are working best in his market at any given time.

The Results

While direct mail response rates can vary drastically across this industry depending on numerous factors, Parker has been able to count on a minimum of a 1% response rate, if not higher, across the campaigns he’s run with REIPrintMail over the past three years. As a result, Parker and his team have continually grown their deal flow and revenue despite competitive market conditions and rising interest rates.

In 2021, Parker’s team closed 109 deals. And in 2022, while interest rates were soaring to all-time highs and sellers were becoming fewer and farther between, Parker’s team focused on increasing revenue and achieved a record $2 Million in annual revenue across 90 deals. His goal for 2023 is to reach $2.5 Million in revenue.

When we asked Parker if he would refer his friends to REIPrintMail, here’s what he had to say:

“For sure, I definitely would! Why? Because REIPrintMail makes us money. They offer a push-button setup with lists, services, advice, and more, so it’s literally done for you. If you’re starting out and need support, or you’re still waiting to build an in-house team, you could take advantage of their REIComplete subscription. And if you’re in a place where you’ve already grown your in-house team as I’ve done, then REIPrintMail allows you to pick and choose which services you need to fill in the gaps.”

Parker’s Advice For New Real Estate Investors

We also asked Parker if he had any general real estate investing advice for new investors. Parker shared that he’s a true believer in the power of coaching and surrounding yourself with the right people.

Over the years, Parker has utilized REI coaches and mentors to help him jump the gap. He’s been a part of Kent Clothier’s Boardroom Mastermind for 5 years, and also participates in Brett Tanner’s Be Wealthy Mastermind. Parker has a strong belief in surrounding yourself with people who are ahead of you in where you want to go and who have better ideas and ways of doing things so that you can learn and grow from them.

Parker also advises new investors to stay away from “analysis paralysis.” He remembers how easy it is to get caught up in trying to figure out how to do everything yourself. But some of the best advice he got was not to try and recreate the wheel. So, Parker recommends using all the tools and solutions already available to help you get those things done faster and more easily so you can focus on more critical business tasks.

Speaking of Tools and Solutions…

Parker Stiles is proof of the success that real estate investors can achieve no matter the market conditions, and we’re grateful to have him as one of our valued clients here at REIPrintMail.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you grow your deal flow and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, we invite you to book a free coaching call today. In fact, you can book a call with Parker’s coach – Corey Meeker – here: